From the Royal Wedding to the Royal Holidays in Bulgaria

Have you been fed up with the ongoing buzz surrounding the Royal wedding? Well, while some people couldn’t allow themselves to miss a blink of the ceremony of the marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, others felt bored to hear and read about every detail of this event. But what is common for both kind of people and probably for everyone in the world is what it feels like to live like a prince or a princess. It is obtainable to be treated the way the kings and queens are treated at some of the most luxurious places in the world. And there also some surprising destinations on the map that can be in use for that matter – for example, in Bulgaria Nessebar represents such a place.


A service for nobles with a price for a bus drivers


You might think that we are going too far with this (No disrespect to the bus drivers, we can assure you about that). And you’ll be right to some extent – the holidays to Nessebar will lead you to a small town on the Black Sea, not to some traditional royal residence. But the level of service provided by the highest category of accommodation there will really make you feel special. Because of this, the hotels in Nessebar of the 5-star luxury are in high demand and you have to book well up-front. If you wish to see if there is an availability for your preferred dates, check the deals on the list of Balkan Holidays -the most reliable company for tourist services in the region.


Can you believe that the accommodation of the highest category might cost as low as 500 GBP per person for a whole week? Even a bus driver or a shop assistant can afford that – once again, no disrespect to the mentioned types of occupation or to any type. We mention it just because these jobs definitely do not fit a bit into the royal cliché. But with Nessebar, Bulgaria holidays every working class individual is present the opportunity to feel what it is like to be a person of noble origins. And you will not be treated as a second-hand guy even if the status obtained by you in the local society of livelihood might not be of the highest ranks.


Have a fun like a king


Really, you CAN do that. Hiring a boat for you and your friends is a possibility. A pricy one actually, but the daily cruises into the sea are available all summer long in the resorts of Bulgaria – Nessebar is no exception to the rule so in this case, such a delight will not cost that much. Speaking of kings and queens – there is a castle there! Well, this one was a bit exaggerated since there are remains of a Medieval fortress in the Old town. Have in mind that holidays to Nessebar are picked most of the cases for this extra experience – the ancient section makes it to the list of UNESCO World Heritage. And the access to it is granted to everyone – not only to royal celebrities.


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