Where to travel in 2018?

Assuming that the expense of the French Riviera or Ibiza brings down the budget, our advice is to head east. Traveling to the southeastern edge of Europe is linked mostly with Greece or Turkey (which is technically in Asia for the greatest part of its coastline) but the other options for beach holidays on Balkans shouldn’t be overshadowed. The eastern and the western shores of the peninsula might not sum up to a quarter of the combined length of southern Greek resorts but are nonetheless exciting. The Black Sea charms the tourists by its specific charisma on the one side and on the other, the Adriatic Sea has what it takes for a beautiful summer vacation.


Feel like a king choosing Croatia beach holidays

Croatia - the Game of Thrones destination


We mean it literally. Did you know that the magnificent town of Dubrovnik has been the actual venue where the footage of the Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing took place? Being a follower of the highly acclaimed TV show you are probably aware of that fact but it’s not Cirsey waiting for you there in the real world. The ancient town is well preserved and reasonably lists in the UNESCO World Heritage.


Besides the rich history and architecture to be seen and touched there is another obvious logic to book Dubrovnik – the Adriatic Sea. One week in the King’s Landing area might cost less than 300 GBP per person in case of early reservation via Balkan Holidays. Croatia beach holidays allure with the picturesque presence and warm water. The other famous city on the sea is Split – the second largest in the country. Among the list of resorts deserving to be booked and cherished Pula, Bol, Hvar, and Makarska are those you shouldn’t miss.


Moving south on the Adriatic coast, the traveler will reach the beautiful and gorgeous small country of Montenegro. Going north of Croatian shore comes Italy. Wrong! Slovenia beach holidays are rarely considered to even exist as an option but the dazzling Portoroz resort proves that this is the reality. The country is largely linked with skiing but with 50 km of coastline, it’s also a part of the Adriatic family. And a piece of that charm is present there. Slovenia beach resorts are few but deserve to be visited.


Bulgaria has the best-valued deals

Visit Bulgaria 2018 - the best deals are available at Balkan Holidays

On the eastern edge of the Balkans, you can find the most affordable bargains in Europe when it comes to summer vacation. In Bulgaria, beach holidays attract more foreign tourists every year because no one can beat the price and the quality received for the money paid is outstanding. Except for the cheaper bookings the Black Sea holds another strong card – the sand. No matter how beautiful and romantic Croatia beach holidays can be, most of the Adriatic shore is rocky and not everyone gets used to this. Bulgaria has a resort called Golden Sands, the name is justified and this is not the only seaside area to offer great conditions for that matter. Sunny Beach and Nessebar increase their attractiveness thanks to Balkan Holidays services and the weather is favorable for more than three months to book Bulgaria beach holidays for yourself if you haven’t done that before.