Borovets hotels are busy – a record winter is on the way

Borovets Resort Hotels

Promises to hit a record for this millennium in terms of accommodation stats seem real for the oldest winter resort. Most of the Borovets hotels are occupied nearly to the fullest from the start of December and all inns and houses prepare for a busy winter. The traditional interest from the Balkan countries visitors is guaranteed but there is also a growing number of British tourists coming to the Rila mountain ski centre this year. The proximity to the biggest airport in the country combined with attractive offers for ski passes contribute to the positive trend and the hotels in Borovets have to be on a high level for the guests.

The common idea about the price rates of the Borovets ski resort hotels is that the level of fees is high too. Actually, on the average, the oldest winter centre on the Balkans is comparable to the cost of accommodation at Bansko or Pamporovo but it beats competition being only one hour away from Sofia. Well, it’s true that at the bottom end of the price list finding a room for the night among Borovets hotels for less than 25-30 Euro is uneasy task (unless there is discount for longer stay or for a special group of people) while for the other resorts the chances for a low-cost accommodation is a bit higher.

Borovets Hotels

The Rila mountain resort holds on to the reputation built for more than a century and every penny spent there is given for a value. Have in mind that the villages around the Rila mountain ski centre also offer decent lodging but in places like Govedartsi or Mala Tsarkva, for example, we talk about guest houses and the category overall is lower.

Plenty to choose from 3- and 4-star options

Among the more affordable hotels in Borovets, at least half a dozen 3-star choices deserve to be noticed. Inns like Iglika Palace, Moura, Breza, Bor & Edelweiss offer satisfying conditions to the guests and in February, for example, it will cost less than 400 GBP per person for one week stay at some of these places.

Going one star up leads to a conclusion that 4-star hotels in Borovets tempt with the price range significantly more tempting than similar lodgings in Europe on the same level. Luxury privilege such as the beautiful Hotel Festa Chamkoria costs less than 80 GBP for 7-days vacation for a couple in a double bedroom. Check for some of the best options here and don’t miss the chance for a special discount when it comes around. Sites like Lion, Flora, Hotel Samokov also deserve to be mentioned.

On the downside what is worth to be said is that 5-star choices among hotels in Borovets are few and thus really tough to be booked, even in advance. But if the Winter Palace is available and it’s up to your pocket, don’t miss it if the Rila mountain resort is the place you aim to go during the snowy season. Whatever inn is reserved in the huge list of Borovets hotels one thing is for sure – the whole environment is absolutely splendid and promise you a wonderful experience.

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