Borovets Bulgaria – a lovely place to visit around Christmas

Holidays are lovely parts of the year, especially when there is Christmas coming. There are such charm and magic in this time of December. For the kids, it is all pure joy. But many adults do not feel it exactly this way. There are also many responsibilities coming with the holiday and expectations, deadlines at work and the pressure from meeting the family. If you are all over with lists and plans, try to take a weekend vacation to sort out what is in your head.

Few things can beat the comfort of the wooden lodge and the fireplace combined with a glass of red Bulgarian wine. The opening of the winter season in Borovets, Bulgaria is just behind the corner. So if you add the tranquillity of the falling snow it will be a perfect picture. By the first of December, it will be all set for skiing in Borovets. The ski resort welcomes visitors from decades so the good service is guaranteed.

Skiing in Borovets ski resort
Borovets boasts 58kms of marked ski runs that vary in degree of difficulty suitable for skiers of all levels as well as 35kms of cross-country trails.

Booking a weekend at Borovets ski resort will be an absolute treat for the family. It will bring something different in the hurricane of running from work to school and back around. Because of its traditions in skiing, Borovets will offer some of the best ski teachers for the beginners and many slopes for the seekers of adventure. The location of this winter resort allows visitors to get to know the area easy without long travels. Rila Monastery National Park is 65 miles away and the infrastructure will make it possible to get there for an hour. The area is worldwide famous. The greatest place to visit is the Monastery itself. The largest Orthodox centre is dated from the tenth century and the atmosphere there is an experience that cannot be described with simple words.

As the thoughts for the upcoming Christmas holidays will not leave your mind for a second, you resting at the ski resort of Borovets can be combined with general rehearsal for the shopping. The capital Sofia is 40 miles in north-western direction. The city offers a great choice of shopping centres and famous brands to have time well spent.

The opening of every ski season in the Bulgarian ski resort of Borovets, Bansko, and Pamporovo is always attractive. There is silent competition between the three and each year the show worth seeing. Almost every year legends of ski sports are invited to give their respect to the mountain and to entertain the tourists. This gives power and kick-off extremely successful season.

A vacation like this will charge you for the important and dynamic days of the Christmas holidays. The countdown can start with the first day of the skiing season in Borovets. The hospitality of the Bulgarian people, the delicious food, and native traditions will warm your heart. Soon this no time vacation will become annual and will give additional time to think about the important things in life.

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